“Make it mini” with Le Creuset: Viral Cinnamon Roll Pumpkins 

A fluffy, sweet, and buttery twist on the viral cinnamon roll hack. These take the canned Pillsbury cinnamon rolls and turns them into festive pumpkins with only a few easy steps. 

The Deets:
I don’t know of you’ve ever made cinnamon rolls from scratch, but it’s harder than you might think. They require kneading, rising, and can be tricky to get that perfect gooey, soft delicious consistency. So there is something to be said for a viral hack that insisted you could get all of that in only a few simple steps. This recipe takes that just a step further by turning each roll into a pumping to create a festive fall twist.

The Tiktok Viral Cinnamon Rolls:
The viral recipe calls for the classic Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls but has a few special ingredients that take it to the next level. By adding heavy cream, spices, vanilla and powder sugar, these rolls taste like you labored in the kitchen for hours, when in reality it only took you 10 minutes. 

The Pumpkins:
Turning a cinnamon roll into a pumpkin is a lot easier than you might thing. Using some simple kitchen twine, all you need to do is tie the string around the rolls into a pumpkin shape. It will then cook and stay in that shape, looking just like a pumpkin. Top with a cinnamon stick stem and voila! You have a festive cinnamon roll pumpkin. 

Make it Mini:
Make it Mini is an ongoing series with Le Creuset where we reimagine recipes using their mini cocottes. The series has been going on for 2+ years now, and we’ve really created quite an arsenal of recipes. So if you just got a new mini cocotte are looking for what to make, there are several fun, seasonal and delicious recipes to choose from.

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