Make It Mini

“Make it Mini” Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Brioche Buns

This mini buffalo chicken stuffed brioche bun is an easy football app! The Deets These personal mini buffalo chicken brioche buns are the perfect fall football appetizer. They’re less of a mess than your traditional buffalo wings and buffalo dip and you can cook it AND eat directly out of the mini cocotte by Le Creuset. I’m a huge buff chick fan and I always use Franks Hot Sauce — a true classic you can’t wrong with!! To make this recipe you’ll need brioche rolls, chicken breast, hot sauce, butter, red curry paste, mozzarella, blue cheese, celery, and green onions! Make it Mini:Welcome to the next installment of “Make it Mini” featuring buffalo chicken stuffed brioche. These little buns bake right in the mini cocotte and are stuffed with buffalo chicken, celery, and lots of mozzarella and blue cheese. The “Make it Mini” is an ongoing series with Le Creuset where we reimagine recipes using their mini cocottes. The series has been going on for 2+ years now, and we’ve really created quite an arsenal of recipes. So if you just got a new mini cocotte are looking for what to make, there are several fun, seasonal and delicious recipes to choose from.

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