Creamy Balsamic Shell Pasta with Shiitake Mushrooms and Herbs

This creamy balsamic pasta with shiitake mushrooms is the ultimate comfort meal!

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Great Sunday dinner idea: creamy balsamic shell pasta with shiitake mushrooms and herbs. I used greek yogurt and just a dash of heavy cream for this one, so was lighter, but was still super creamy and delish. I actually got the balsamic as part of my gift box from Tasty Ribbon. Tasty Ribbon is a small, woman-founded company that makes gourmet gift boxes of Italian products, sourced from artisans all across Italy. Their boxes are full of different ingredients and products to cook with, and great for the holiday season. This recipe doesn’t take too long make and is so comforting on a chilly night! You’ll need your pasta of choice, shiitake mushrooms, thyme, shallot, butter, cream, EVOO, balsamic, greek yogurt, parsley and parm! The sauce is so easy to make, you’ll just saute your shallots and mushrooms in butter. Then add balsamic — it’ll reduce a lot in the pan. Add some cream and greek yogurt until it’s nice and creamy! Cook your pasta, and voila! You’re going to be in pasta heaven with this one. Be sure to check out some of my other recipes using mushrooms here!

Creamy Balsamic Shell Pasta with Shiitake Mushrooms and Herbs

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  • 1 lb pasta of choice I did large shells because I feel like they hold the mushrooms and sauce really well
  • 1 cup of shiitake mushrooms sliced
  • A few sprigs of thyme
  • 1 large shallot sliced
  • 3 tbsp butter
  • 2 tbsp heavy cream
  • Olive oil
  • 3/4 cup balsamic it will reduce significantly
  • 1/3 cup full fat greek yogurt
  • Pasta water as needed
  • Parsley for garnish
  • 1/2 cup grated parmesan


  • Heat a large pot of salted water and cook pasta according to box. Reserve about 1/2 a cup of pasta water. You probably won’t need all of it, but good to have as needed as you build your sauce.
  • Add olive oil to a large skillet, and add sliced shallots. Cook for about 3-4 min or until they start to soften. Add in sliced shiitake mushrooms, followed by butter and thyme. Cook for another 5-7 min or until mushrooms soften and fully coated in butter.
  • Add balsamic and reduce heat to low. Cook stirring often for about 10-12 min or until the balsamic is reduced by more than half and mushrooms are a deep dark red color. Add in greek yogurt, heavy cream and pasta water. Cook on low until everything is creamy and combined. Season to taste and add salt and pepper as needed. Add pasta to the pan, along with parmesan cheese. Still until everything is combined, creamy and smooth.
  • Serve with more parmesan and parsley for garnish. Enjoy

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